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Who (What) is Craft Homes?

Craft Homes is a locally owned and operated home remodeling Cincinnati small business making our client’s dream a reality. We hear, see, and create our client’s commercial or residential vision. Each of our crew members takes pride in their work and appreciates both the artistic and functional sides of the field. With over 150 years of combined experience in home remodeling Cincinnati in only 15 years of operation, there are no tasks outside our scope. We remodel, renovate, repair, design, construct and finish homes and businesses across the Tri-State area.

Starting with local repairs and renovations for friends and family, Jeff and Mike opened Craft Homes in 2008. Moving on to full remodels a few years later, after the financial crisis, they expanded the business with a set of trailers and a new crew. Since then, Craft Homes has finished new builds, remodels, flips, additions, renovations, simple repairs, landscaping, and grading, among other things. Expanding again, Jeff and Mike added new crews, more tools, more trailers, and more clients. Now known for high-quality builds, additions, and home remodeling Cincinnati, Craft Homes is looking to expand again.


When/Where is Craft Homes?

Craft Homes are now tracking the latest data and market trends, the newest products and designs, and staying current on regulations and best practices that keep us ahead of our competition. We are looking to bring on new crew members to accommodate the large number of incoming clients looking for home remodeling Cincinnati. We’ve experienced and expect to continue experiencing exponential growth in our base and continue to become better at our craft as the years go on. With a fast-growing local economy, home remodeling Cincinnati projects to expand just as quickly. We work in the Tri-State area, typically around and within I-275. A standard workday begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 4:00 pm. We offer a paid half-hour lunch and are flexible with our crew members’ schedules. We have multiple ongoing projects throughout the city at any given time. We are happy to work with any prospective crew members near home regarding the job site. We have a centrally located shop and crew members living all over Cincinnati from all over the world.


Why Craft Homes?

With Craft Homes, expect to be able to take pride in your work, enjoy a positive working environment, foster personal and professional growth, learn about the industry, earn transferable skills, have access to industry professionals, get your hands a little dirty and be well compensated for it. Take part in building and creating beautiful homes and businesses in Cincinnati, and watch each job site change daily from “work in progress” to “wow.”

Regulation Compliance: We use state-of-the-art home technology and up-to-code building practices. We use the newest and highest-rated products, designs, tools, and materials. We\ follow local and federal laws to ensure the longevity of our work and the safety of our clients. Our crew members learn how to do things the right way.

High-Quality Work: Quality is our highest-held standard—quality in your work, training, relationships, and well-being. We build and renovate homes and businesses to last for the long run. We aim to amaze our clients with the functionality and beauty of our work. We stay current and track the latest market trends, always ensuring our clients have the best available home remodeling Cincinnati.

Communication: Communication is essential to us as well. Ensuring our crew members understand what they are doing in home remodeling Cincinnati to a higher degree, making sure all crew members are content and informed regarding their respective tasks and their jobs, as well as offering an open floor for suggestions/ opportunities to prove your expertise are some of the most important ways we keep communication flowing regularly. All problems are solved internally, and each crew member’s voice and concerns are heard and considered. There are typically multiple texts sent throughout the day between crews.

On-the-Job Training: We offer on-the-job training for any subfield one might wish to gain more knowledge about. We allow our crew members to test their new skills on the job with a knowledgeable instructor nearby to answer questions or offer guidance. We will work with you on improving where you need or want improvement and teach you entirely new transferable skills you can carry with you forever.

Access to Tools: We have on-site access to any tools required to complete tasks requiring in-home remodeling Cincinnati. There is no need to bring any personal tools to work other than a pencil, tape measure, and a knife. Tools and materials required for electrical, plumbing, framing, tiling, flooring, drywalling, roofing, and more are all provided at the job site, eliminating the possibility of losing personal tools and ensuring our capability to perform any task. Safety equipment and first aid kits are located at each job site.

Positive Work Environment: With Craft Homes, we promote and facilitate a work environment where our crew members can feel safe, be heard, learn about their field, obtain new skills, and have fun while getting paid to create architectural art. We are flexible with scheduling and willing to work with our crew on extended absences. We aim to create a fun, instructive, and prideful work experience.

We are seeking prospective crew members who can lift, carry, stand, and kneel for an extended period of time. The ability to communicate and respect your coworkers is mandatory. No prior experience in the field is required, although the ability to read a tape measure on day one is preferred. Any current knowledge will be reinforced, and any necessary unknown skills will be taught. The prospective crew must be punctual, honest, hard-working, and trustworthy. Integrity, the ability to work with a team, and a growth mindset are all highly valued personality traits for our crew. A willingness to learn, an eagerness to participate, and a drive for client satisfaction are appreciated as well.