Kitchen Remodeling

At Craft Homes & Renovations, we know kitchens. Having completed several dozen kitchens over the years, we know what works and what doesn’t. Cosmetics are important but functionality is especially key in the home remodeling Cincinnati kitchen. We have the experience necessary to help our clients design the kitchen of their dreams while weighing all of the decisions that go into creating a beautifully useful space.

Whether you cook your pasta from scratch or you only go as far as pressing the popcorn button on the microwave, we can help you create a kitchen that matches your home remodeling Cincinnati lifestyle. Kitchen remodel budgets vary as greatly as our clients’ culinary skills. Our team will help you select the features that match your needs and taste (pun intended) while working with your budget.

Selecting Craft Homes & Renovations for your home remodeling Cincinnati kitchen will ensure a smooth construction and design experience. Our team will be there to guide you every step of the way. From drafting your kitchen’s new layout to preparing for demo day to selecting cabinets and countertops to picking out drawer pulls and grout colors, our team will lead you through each process while sharing experience based recommendations and considerations to help make all of the decision making easier.

A kitchen is more than just where the food is prepared. It is the hub of the home.
The place where the family gathers several times a day. There is no other space in the house that gets used more than the kitchen. This is why Craft Homes & Renovations mainly focuses home remodeling Cincinnati on this room. The are five action items we strive to correct with every kitchen:

Improve the functionality and eliminate any inconveniences

The first step we need to determine is the usage of the home remodeling Cincinnati space. Are we planning a chef’s kitchen, a gathering place or a mixture of both. Next we need to determine our limitations in space. Are there walls we can remove? Do we really need to find an area for a pantry? Are we getting enough light in the area? These types of items will determine our home remodeling Cincinnati layout. We also want to take into account how traffic is directed through the space. In a lot of homes the kitchen is the main thoroughfare from bedrooms to a mudroom. Be able to direct a traffic flow pattern so that when people are coming and going they’re not disrupting the actions in the kitchen. The next focus is what we call the work triangle we need to have access to the main areas. The main areas being the refrigerator, the stove and the sink and dishwasher. We want to create a triangle so that all three areas are accessible to one another. The last thing we want to do is incorporate our work zones. It’s nice to have different areas for working on different things. Work zones and the work triangle will help keep the kitchen organized and efficient.

Make the space yours

Now we wanna make the space yours, what areas do you want to focus on? If meal prep is a Weekly ritual, let us set up a space to get it done efficiently. If making dinner while watching over children’s homework is a nightly ritual let us set the area up to make both items convenient. When designing and building a home remodeling Cincinnati custom kitchen there are no rules as to what can go on in the room. Let’s make the kitchen work for you.

Upgrade to Fit Your Personal Style

This next action item is a home remodeling Cincinnati favorite of the clients. This is where the creativity for Craft Homes and Renovations really shines. This is your kitchen so let’s make it yours. We need to discover your style whether it be mid-century modern or a craftsman, craft homes and renovations are well-versed in all styles. We take into account the material of the countertop to the color of the cabinet down to the finish of the door hardware. All of these home remodeling Cincinnati items bring your kitchen to life and bring out you and your family’s personality.

Remodel to Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

It’s no secret, great kitchens help sell homes. The best way to get the most money out of your house when it comes to selling is having a fabulous kitchen. Craft Homes and Renovations know how to build a kitchen that sells. After designing and building hundreds of kitchens we know what potential buyers are looking for. This is due to being in the home remodeling Cincinnati industry so long and always keeping up research with Realtors in the area. Craft homes or renovations will team with you in order to make the kitchen your own space but also attractive and sellable to a future buyer. That’s why following these five action items is so important in a space such as a kitchen.

Increase Energy & Water Savings

Every penny counts so it’s time to start counting and saving. And the main thing we can do for this action item is upgrade your appliance package. For example refrigerators have become much more efficient while providing extra space and streamlining the storage area. Also with stove and microwave combination units we can help create more space in the kitchen instead of a bulky unit for each. Dishwashers have come a long way with water saving, some clients are reluctant to spend the money on new appliances but the savings and energy and water can offset the price drastically. We can also set your kitchen up with instant hot water. Gone are the days of waiting with your finger under the tap waiting for that elusive hot water to come through the pipes. Get water in the bowl and get it boiling in no time.

With these five home remodeling Cincinnati action items Craft Homes and Renovations have created an outline that every kitchen design needs to be based on in order to have a kitchen that works for the entire family. Let us create a space that you’ll love coming to in the morning to get breakfast before a hectic day and coming home to make dinner and spend time with your family.