About Us

With Craft Homes & Renovations our mission is beyond home remodeling Cincinnati and creating a space for our client that is not only functional and having beautiful design qualities, it’s making the entire experience, from the initial visit to the final walk through a pleasurable one. And we’ve all heard our friends and neighbors stories about when they got their kitchen done, although they love it getting to that point was such a nightmare. We think that it doesn’t have to be that way. Our goal is to lead you through the remodeling process away that lessens the stress and anxiety levels while still giving the client that wow factor space in the end. There is no reason to have a stressed induced nightmare just to get the kitchen, bathroom or additional space of your dreams.

Jeff Kachelmeyer, owner, and Mike Lowery, lead foreman, have been doing home remodeling Cincinnati and working as a team for over 15 years. In the early years they maintained a large commercial complex together while gradually taking on remodeling jobs. After impressing friends and family, the word of mouth started. They quickly developed a loyal client base while expanding their scope of work. It did not take long for either of them to decide to make home remodeling their full time job. A business, now known as Craft Homes & Renovations , was born. Their home remodeling Cincinnati business portfolio has grown to now include whole home remodels, additions, custom new builds for both client and market, commercial renovations and much, much more. Both Jeff and Mike are known for being easy to work with and love of a good challenge.

Craft Homes & Renovations evolved from the same thought many great business’s start from, “There’s got to be a better way”. Whether it was the materials or the techniques used to implement them. Craft Homes is alway researching and creating the best and most efficient way to construct a clients living space. At the same time we are always trying to make the process easier on the clients as well. We know home remodeling Cincinnati creates the stress involved in disturbing a family’s lifestyle for several weeks while a remodeling runs its course. Craft Homes & Renovations makes a point to have clear and concise communication with clients throughout the process. That way the clients know what to expect day in and day out and never has to be blindsided with the unexpected. The client knows what and when as soon as Craft Homes & Renovations does.

The philosophy of open communication and full transparency is something Jeff recognized as important from his early days as a framing laborer. While working with different crews he could see the difference of when the lead foreman communicated the process of building with the client versus treating the client as a bother. When a lead foreman felt it was a nuisance to explain the home remodeling Cincinnati process to a client that same lead foreman seem to have to have excuses why things weren’t paid for properly, materials weren’t delivered on time while those lead foreman who do communicate with their team members and clients the whole construction process seems to have a better flow. That is why craft homes and renovations strive to keep the client well informed and involved in the home remodeling Cincinnati decision making in the construction process.

We have a vast assortment of loyal clientele whose home remodeling Cincinnati tastes range from mid century modern to craftsman, Victorian, Cape Cod contemporary farmhouse French country, Mediterranean, ranch, tutor,. We handle them all and that’s where creativity comes into play. A lot of times those styles get mixed in intertwined to create a home that is specific to a client’s taste.

Craft homes and renovations goal is to serve the home remodeling Cincinnatii area including: Anderson Township, Blue Ash, Cheviot, Cleves, Colerain Township, Covedale, Deer Park, Indian Hill Lebanon, Loveland, Madeira, Mariemont ,Mason, Montgomery, Norwood, Silverton, Symmes Township, West Chester, White Oak, Wyoming, Amberley Village, California, Clifton, Columbia Tusculum, Downtown Cincinnati, The Banks, East End, Eastgate, Hyde Park, Lynnwood, Mount Adams, Mount Lookout, Mount Washington, Northside, Oakley, Over the Rhine, Pleasant Ridge.

Craft homes and Renovations was founded on serving our clients with the best home remodeling Cincinnati and craftsmanship possible. That’s all we know. A job is not done until both craft homes and renovations and the client are satisfied. We go above and beyond to make sure a job is done correctly and will stand the test of time. That is why we are able to guarantee our work. We guarantee the work because we know we did it to the top standard recognized by the industry. Our past clients will stand behind our work because when we build their new space we showed them our building technique as we moved forward so the client has a basis of understanding on what happened in their home and why.


Craft Homes & Renovations has three core values that we envelop every day into our projects.

  • Accountability – Because of the fact that craft homes and Renovations stands by their work and in fact guarantees that we do hold ourselves to the highest accountability of all. That includes the work we do, The appearance and actions of our crew and the overall journey we take with the client.
  • Collaboration – The only way that a client will be happy in the end and excited about their new space is receiving what they want. Sometimes our clients don’t know what they want. We are here to help along every step of the home remodeling Cincinnati process from start to finish, from the initial meeting to the final walk-through our clients will know that they’ve been taken care of.
  • Innovation – We are always looking for new ideas and home remodeling Cincinnati systems to put in place to make the remodeling process more streamlined and efficient. That doesn’t mean it’s always the easiest way. At Craft Homes and Renovations, we don’t buy into the cookie cutter preformed spaces some builders provide. We go above and beyond in order to design and build a space to the specific needs of our client while also fitting into that client specific budget.