Home Additions

When you have a home that you love, in a location that you love but want more space, a home remodeling cincinnati addition can often be a better option than moving. Whether you are looking to add a three season room, bedroom, garage, family room, a second or third level or other space we can help!

Adding on to a home requires oversight by a contractor with knowledge of best practices in all of the major arenas of construction; structural engineering and architecture, electric and plumbing, masonry and design principles. A poorly executed home remodeling Cincinnati addition can come with a large financial, physical and mental burden for the homeowner for years to come. Craft Homes & Renovations has added on to homes over 100 years old and as young as 10 years old but we also have the unique experience of building several custom homes. Applying for and managing permits, understanding and following codes, scheduling and passing inspections, managing and coordinating any involved specialty professionals (architects, engineers, designers, masons, roofers, heating and air conditioning technicians, etc.), ordering building and finish materials, securing large equipment rental, supervising and guiding all workers, budget tracking, advising on material selection and design plans, and much more is included when you hire Craft Homes & Renovations for your addition. Choosing a good contractor will be the first and most important decision you make starting your home addition.

There are many reasons that a home remodeling Cincinnati addition to your home makes sense. A main reason is creating space for an expanded family. Craft Homes & Renovations has helped young families to create more bedrooms for children on the way. We have also helped families that needed a mother-in-law suite for aging parents. Not only does an addition help a growing family with space, it also raises the equity in the home.

Another great home remodeling cincinnati reason for any addition is expanding a kitchen. The kitchen is the most used room in the home. It is where a family meets several times a day. It only makes sense to make the main gathering area big enough for the entire family. This is where friends and family end up during weekend or holiday gatherings. Let’s embarrass this and make an ideal space so everyone feels comfortable.

Adding a primary room ensuite is a fabulous choice to add luxury and wellness. You can’t go wrong with creating a large open bedroom with a bathroom to match. This area can help start your day on a good note and gives you a place to rest and focus. The open bathroom gives room to feature a soaking tub, double vanities, and a walk in shower. We can also feature changing areas, walk in closets or sitting areas. A primary room on suite is another no-brainer when thinking of enlarging the front print of your home. A bedroom with a large bathroom will always give you a return on your money spent.

Entertainment and wellness areas are a great choice when building an addition. Family movie night will never be the same in your own theater room. home remodeling cincinnati technology has gotten us to the point that your own personalized theater room is not a dream for only the rich and famous. With LED screens to fit any budget, movie night just got bigger and better. Craft Homes & Renovations has also helped clients realize their physical and mental health goals. In-home gyms and yoga studios help clients with busy schedules squeeze in the time for body and mind.


With more clients working from home, we have had a lot of requests for more home remodeling cincinnati work space. The home office has become much more valuable over the last few years. Companies giving employees the opportunity to work from home has allowed clients the incentive to create workspaces for their specific needs. Multiple monitors and large conference call screens can be hung with none of the dreaded tables ball of wiring showing. Craft Homes & Remodeling are experts at shelf and desk built-ins to help organize and streamline the space.

Creating a deck and sunroom is another go to option when enlarging your home. A sunroom and deck combination allows our clients the space to enjoy the outdoors. A relaxing outdoor lunch or s’mores around the fire pit are a great time for the whole family. An addition of the sun room allows our clients to enjoy an outdoor feeling a little longer than most each year. Craft Homes & Renovations have created some beautiful outdoor areas that our clients rave about year after year. With so many options, we are always creating a new twist on the old standards.

Saving Money with home remodeling cincinnati! A majority of the time it is cheaper to add on to your existing home versus selling your home, moving out, and finding a new home to live in. That’s a lot of work and moving parts to turn around and have the same dilemma, a home that does not fit your needs. An addition gives you the opportunity to address those needs and personalize your space. Just think of the possibilities when you are in the creative seat. Craft homes and renovations Will take note of all of your ideas in order to implement all of them into the space that we build. Only you know what you want. We are there to help flush out those ideas, put them on paper and then build them.

I craft homes and renovations we take pride in any job we do. That is because our work is based on years of craftsmanship and knowledge. We know the techniques needed to build an addition that will stand the test of time. We take the time to study the earth around your home to see the best way to lay the foundation. We also studied the air quality in your existing home and how we can vent and circulate air through the new addition so that it is as comfortable or even more comfortable than the original house. It’s these action items that set Craft Homes & Renovations above other remodeling companies