Bathroom Remodeling

It’s no secret we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. It’s the first place we go to in the morning and usually the last stop before bed. This is the room where we get prepared for the day every morning. At Craft Homes and Renovations, home remodeling Cincinnati, we believe this area needs to be a space that sets the mood to help get your day started. It also needs to be an area when you can come home at the end of the day and be able to relax. A bathroom says a lot about a person. Unfortunately most bathrooms are builder grade with no function or personality. Craft Homes and Renovations would like to change that for you. We wanna make it a space that you’re proud to show off.

Whenever we have a home remodeling Cincinnati opportunity to expand your bathroom space we will take advantage of that. Because the spaces utilize so much there’s no point in keeping it a tight closet type area. Let us expand and make room for everyone that needs to use it day in and day out. Once we’ve gathered all the space we can the next step is to create a flow pattern that works with the space. Planning on where sinks, toilets, and showers will be, creates an efficient streamlined area.

Another great move by homeowners is to add a bathroom to the first level. Some houses only have one bathroom upstairs. Craft Homes and Renovations have perfected finding space on the first floor for that so often needed half bath this makes parties and gatherings much more convenient to be held at your house. Another home remodeling Cincinnati bathroom to add is an en suite to the primary bedroom. You should have your own space away from the kids and other family members. Let us find a way to create a luxury en suite that is all your own.

We are all aging, so we need to create a bathroom that works as we get older. Home Remodeling Cincinnati safety is key for older homeowners so that they can stay in their house longer and be more comfortable. It’s also a peace of mind for our family members that worry about potential accidents in a bathroom area. We can plan out grab bar areas better and more aesthetically pleasing so they don’t look like a hospital unit. Another big home remodeling Cincinnati item is wheelchair accessibility. Let us make sure there’s enough room to turn a wheelchair and access a shower. Curb less showers are ideal for this type of scenario.
You may want to simply update your bathroom. Gone are the days of a single oak cabinet and the cultured marble countertop with space for barely a toothbrush. A sufficiently sized vanity with two sinks can provide you and family members the space needed to get ready in the morning and to prepare for bed in the evening.

An home remodeling Cincinnati issue that Craft Homes & Renovations get calls about and starts a bathroom remodel project are the nagging plumbing and ventilation issues that were never solved when the home was originally built. There may be a shower that just never drains right or a ventilation fan that was undersized for the room, never able to get the moisture out of the space efficiently causing mold. These types of issues are Craft Homes & Renovations, home remodeling Cincinnati, issues to solve when remodeling a bathroom. We always wanna make sure there’s plenty of ventilation so there are no mold in mildew issues accumulating day in and day out. We also want to make sure the plumbing has the correct flow and venting needed for water to escape the fixtures.


We can also improve your bathroom’s utility by creating a two sink vanity with abundant storage, a built-in linen closet for all of your bathroom essentials and even an oversized shower to get clean and relax instead of feeling like you’re stuck in a small cubbyhole.

Of the main features that Craft Homes and Renovations likes to introduce to our client is the ability for instant hot water. For some bathrooms turning on the shower involves a five minute wait for the water to heat up. This wastes not only time and water but the gas and electricity to heat up the water. With an instant hot water configuration we can actually lower your electric or gas bill while providing hot water at the shower instantly which also helps save time. Sometimes in the morning every minute counts. Upgrading your toilets, sink faucets and shower mixers can help your water bill as well. All three technologies have advance so that less water is used without sacrificing the pressure and flow

Another home remodeling Cincinnati item to discuss in the bathroom is the giant Jacuzzi tub that we all need in order to resell the home. The first discussion that needs to happen is do we really need the big Jacuzzi tub to help sell the home. Many times if the space is better used for double sinks and a large walk-in shower that can justify getting rid of the space stealing large Jacuzzi tub. If a tub and shower combo is desired and we have the required space, craft homes and renovations love showing our clients the new and upgraded standalone tubs that take a smaller footprint than their predecessors. This provides adequate space for both luxuries.

Whatever you’re looking for whether it be a kids hall bath upgrade and en suite to the primary bathroom with all of the luxuries of a hotel or preparing for the golden years of life in order to stay in your home comfortably as long as you can. Craft homes and renovations can help.

We take pride in creating, designing and building a space that you would be proud to show your friends and family. A space that works for your family during chaotic times and leisure times. Let us come in and share our ideas while taking your thoughts and concerns into consideration as well. Craft homes and renovations prides itself on working with clients to create a space tailored to them personally. Nailed it